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Semester Two 2023

Ghost Ship Gala 

WOSOC, USYD Women in Finance, AIESEC Australia and ASOC hosted a Ghost Ship Gala inviting all students to celebrate the end of a long but rewarding semester. The night was absolutely spooktacular with spine tingling beats!



SUBAA x WOSOC Paint & Sip

SUBAA and WOSOC collaborated to create an event that served as a sanctuary for students seeking respite from their studies.


ABS became a haven for stressed students yearning to unleash their inner Bob Ross. The scene was set with delicious drinks and snacks – a perfect post-lecture retreat.


It was an evening filled with creativity, offering a canvas to craft masterpieces and forge connections with both old and new friends. 

Paint & Sip.JPG
Paint & SIp 2.JPG

WOSOC x ASOC Trivia Night 

WOSOC and ASOC joined forces to present a night of intellect and camaraderie: Trivia at the Royal! 

Whether you teamed up with friends or braved it solo, our trivia night promised to give your brain a well-deserved workout. 



Semester One 2023

Murder Mystery Cruise

Step back in time as we revisit a night of glamour and intrigue - an event where guests were dressed to the nines, ready to put their detective skills to the ultimate test! 

With a clock ticking for a thrilling 4 hours, participants embarked on an adventure filled with suspense and mystery. But fear not! The journey was complemented by catering, featuring unlimited food and drinks.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Whether you were able to crack the case or if the mystery got the better of you, it was a night that will never be forgotten!

Cruise 3.jpg
Cruise 2.jpg

Corporate Canapes 

WOSOC hosted the bi-annual industry networking event, "Corporate Canapes," where professionals and enthusiasts alike gathered to explore the theme of Career Pathways and Professional Development. 

The event featured a speaker panel that shared valuable insights, a Q&A section that allowed participants to engage directly with the experts and finishes up with a networking segment where connections were forged over canapes. 

For those eager to delve into the realms of HR/IR/Management opportunities, the evening provided a perfect blend of informative sessions and a chance to expand one's professional network.


Corporate Canapes 2.JPG

Semester Two 2022

WOSOC x SUBAA Trivia Night 

This lively evening provided a perfect escape for those feeling a bit stressed or simply seeking friendly competition.


The Trivia Night, a collaboration between WOSOC and SUBAA, proved to be the ultimate mind-bender. Teams worked together, racing hearts and pumping minds, all in pursuit of the highest score. For those who preferred solo glory, individual prizes were up for grabs between trivia rounds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. 

WOSOC x SUBAA Trivia Night.JPG

HR & Management Journey 

The event was a fantastic opportunity for those interested in or majoring in HR/Management. Industry professionals shared invaluable insights based on their personal experiences, shedding light on corporate opportunities within HR and Management pathways. As a bonus, panelists also disclosed upcoming internship opportunities. 


Attendees had the chance to pose their burning questions during the lively Q&A session. The evening was not only informative but also provided a platform for professional networking. Excitement was in the air throughout the event! 


HR & Management Journey.JPG
HR & Management.JPG

International Festival 

WOSOC organised an engaging International Festival Stall, providing an opportunity for international students at USYD to explore and understand our society. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with numerous new students enthusiastically joining our ranks!

Interntational Fest.JPG

Board Games Night 

WOSOC held a board games night, featuring complimentary pizza and soft drinks, creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone to gather, mingle, and enjoy the evening. 


The event unfolded with a mix of creative and enthralling games. From classic board games that tested strategic thinking to card games that sparked friendly competition, the night offered a fantastic mix of entertainment. 



Semester One 2022

Corporate Canapés

While WOSOC was not able to host our Annual Corporate Cocktails event, we still delivered a successful event for students. Big thank you for the 7 industry representatives from Unilever, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and Accenture! Students were able to engage in a Q&A panel discussion, ask questions and gain valuable insights on Organisational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


WOSOC x SMS Networking Event

Partnering with Sydney Marketing Society once again, WOSOC co-hosted Sydney University's recruitment workshop of the year! This event provided students the opportunity to learn the recruitment process and hacks for landing the job, intern or program for any field, discipline and job level. Many thanks to the panelists from KPMG, Deloitte, Adobe and Unilever.

IMG_4753 (1).jpg

Peak-Performance Leadership Workshop with E-LEAD 

WOSOC co-hosted an inspiring leadership workshop with E-LEAD to equip students with the best leadership practices around the globe. Shahid Majeed (speaker of the event) shared some knowledge, tips and techniques to be the best version of yourself, especially post-pandemic.


Social Meet and Greet 

WOSOC hosted our first social event for 2022! Thank you for those who came along to have some drinks and food at the Royal Darlington.


Semester Two 2021

Work Life Balance in an Agile World 

Due to continual ambiguity around campus restrictions, WOSOC decided host an online networking event focusing on a topic that has been especially important with the rise of WFH employment due to the pandemic. Special thanks to our panelists from Westpac, Morgan McKinley, Financial Services Council and Westpac in sharing their insights on this topic.

Semester One 2021

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 3.31.24 pm.png

WOSOC x SMS Networking Event 

We joined forces with Sydney Marketing Society to host an in-person Q&A panel event focusing on the topics of what employers are looking for, the application process and how to leave an impression during interviews. Thank you to our panelists from Westpac, KPMG, Unilever and Hatch who shared their valuable insights with us

WOSOC Trivia Night

Our Trivia Night was our first in-person event in over a year and it was a great success! Teams battled it out, working together to answer questions on the latest pop culture trends. Big thanks to everyone who could attend on the night and shoutout to our events team for putting together such a great night.   


Semester Two 2020

Thank You Career Series Part 3.png

Career Series

WOSOC hosted its inaugural Career Series, covering every stage of professional development from internships and IPP applications, graduate roles and honours programs, as well as HR and Management pathways. Thank you to our 10 panellists across three online events, who shared their valuable time and knowledge with everyone!

Semester One 2020

Peer Mentoring Program

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, we hosted an online Peer Mentoring Program for first-years to ensure that they were getting the most out of university as possible. With the guidance of a more senior student as a mentor, our mentees enjoyed several social nights and professional networking opportunities over the 8-week program.

Zoom mentoring.png

Semester Two 2019

Coffee Connections Networking Event 

Our Coffee Connections Event was our opening event for the year and it was a hit! A big thank you to the HRM industry professionals from Hudson, Curious Thing, Weploy and The Young Entrepreneurs Co. who networked with students and provided invaluable insights into recruitment. 

Corporate Cocktails - The Employee Experience 

Our flagship event hosted a panel of leading HR professionals from Telstra, RBA, Hudson Changing Change International ​and the University of Sydney's Work and Organisational Studies Faculty members. These professionals engaged in an insightful, topical discussion on the theme of the Employee Experience, in relations to the trends and challenges in today's HR & IR Industry. Afterwards, students enjoyed cocktails, canapés and engaged with prominent panelists and networkers!

Semester One 2018

Future of Business Event Series - Impactful Technology 

The opening event of the year went spectacularly! A huge thank you to the panelists from Hatch, LinkedIn, Seer Data and IBM and networkers from EY, KPMG, IBM, Telstra and Randstad for attending. But also to all the students who came to our event! We hope you gained some value insights into the future of work, we also couldn't have done it without our amazing team. And the delicious canapès were the icing on top! This year is going to be huge for WOSOC and we hope to see you all again soon!

Semester Two 2017

Diversity in the Workplace
With diversity being an increasingly significant concept at work and in all aspects of our lives, WOSOC is proud to say that our group case study and formal Q&A went spectacularly well! A big thank you to our guest speakers from EY who gave us all a great insight to how a leading big firm manages and accepts diversity. The case study was indeed challenging but our students provided exceptional answers to these real life situations.  


Life of a Human Resources Professional 

A big shout out to the professionals of Advisian, EY, FoodCo, Randstad Australia, UGL and the WOS Faculty for making this great event possible. Your stimulating discussion and witty banter definitely opened all our eyes into the daily challenges and rewards of HR professionals. A huge thank you is in order to all the students and members who attended, a great night with great company and great food! Hope to see you all for our next event!

Semester One 2017

Life of a Management Consultant

Our first event of the year finished on a spectacular note! A warm thank you to all the panelists and of course to everyone who attended the event. Some tough questions were asked but both panels of speakers gave insightful and inspiring answers on what exactly the role of a Management Consultant covers. Stay tuned for our upcoming events - we've already started planning for the life of a Human Resource Generalist function!




Semester Two 2016

WOSOC Brunch
Brunch went off without a hitch! We would love to thank all those who came and had a chat with our friendly commmittee, the delicious pastries from Bourke Street Bakery were an added bonus! Additionally, we would like to thank all our members and non-members who could attend this event, increasing awareness on the Work and Organisational studies discipline is one of our many goals that we couldn't have achieved without you guys!


Equal Pay Day

WOSOC Would like to thank all those that attended the Inaugural Shattering the Glass Ball. We would also like to thank our wonderful guest speakers: Kimberly Olsen, Jenny Aitchison MP, and Libby Lyons Director of WGEA. Further thanks is given to our supportive Discipline and Chair Marian Baird. We look forward to welcoming you to next years ball. Stay tunned on our Website for further details.

Free BBQ with AIM

Free snags and sauces for the students, what more could you ask for? The Australian Institute of Management generously sponsored this lunch time event helping us young people who are interested in management and all other related disciplines to become more active and aware of our industry. AIM memberships were available on the day with numerous added benefits! Unfortunately, the poor weather did affect us a tiny bit but, we will surely be back in 2017!

Semester One 2016

Life of a Management Consultant

The ‘Life of a Management Consultant’ panel event was at capacity! We had a panel of five speakers from Grant Thornton, Deloitte and Ernst and Young answering tough questions on what exactly a career in Management Consultant really entails. Our annual panel will be back again in Semester 1, 2017- look out for the date and time!








Industry talk with IKEA - Liesbeth Dillen

The Industry Talk with IKEA’s Liesbeth Dillen was one not to be missed. At this event Lisbeth shared her story of how she came to be a top executive in IKEA and a trainee-CEO. Everyone in attendance was awed by the knowledge and insight that determined her success and the steps she used to achieve her goals. Through this event her secrets of success were revealed most notably to me one must stop chasing the rabbits and push themselves out of their comfort zone as this is where one learns the most. These were some of numerous insights that motivated the audience who now have a changed perspective when approaching both industry and everyday tasks.


AIM: Pitch me Perfect - Personal Branding

Pitch me Perfect was an event hosted by AIM whom had extended an invitation to WOSOC members to attend this event. This session covered the importance of personal brand, developing a professional reputation and the benefits of networking. This event featured three guest speakers:

Zahrina Robertson - Award winning visual branding strategist for entrepreneurs and speakers
Don Gough FAIM - Managing Director of Black Isle Communications 
Lindsay Rogers - Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for Chello

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